Mad, Boggly-Eyed Bastards…



I was very pleased to introduce a few of the first UK Coalition Effigy Dolls recently – 9th May 2013.  They had just been upgraded to fancy new Boggly Eyes, as I felt this gave them the required level of lunacy (high++).  Obviously I am now basking in a smugness-based glee-parade of my own making; please do not disturb.




I am hiding here, from the doomsayer who goes by the name of Postman. His flat paper oblongs of doom & their inclusive informations; all of them be damned, as I await my Tribunal result.  To DLA or not to DLA? That is the question.


4 thoughts on “Mad, Boggly-Eyed Bastards…

  1. magwitch says:

    I love these, they’re excellent.

    I received an oblong of doom the other day. Work focused interview – I’m a full time carer! I had to change the date and time – I certainly can’t get there in the mornings (hubby’s meds take several hours to kick in after sleep)

    • Arrrrg the Postman arrived just as I clicked publish. It was leaflets. Merely the papery floop is now enough to give me extreme dithers. Then, half an hour later, a lettery floop. Just one; bank statement. So the high-level cliffhanger of doom will continue for another day.

      The govt persecution of carers is beyond a joke. Hope you go on ok xx

      • magwitch says:

        I had a look on the CarersUK website – apparently is only to ‘tick a box’, make sure I’m getting the right benefits, that nothing’s changed (well he’s got MS, the only that changes is it gets worse 😦 ) I hope it’s ok the Income Support I get pays my Bedroom and Council Tax. In theory 🙂

      • Sending you good mojos… (((woooOOOOooooop))) xx

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